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Date: 27 Nov 2015 12:22:32
Title: eeez naht a rayce!

19.55.80N 032.49.16W

27th November 10th Day at sea

Distance run today: 138 miles
Total distance run:    1270 miles
Distance to go       :   1642 miles

Apologies if this diary is not as witty and incisive as one would have hoped. The brain is permanently in a state of ever so slight numbness - like a very mild hangover from drinking too much babycham and stout. I am sure you know what I mean :-)

Grandad - who by the way informs me he is in fact a great grandad - has his own blog on this web site http://blog.mailasail.com/barnaclepete - he says that his is the true version. We shall see. Its the victor who writes history. We are disappointed with ourselves for messing about yesterday. Getting the pole down, stowing it safely on deck, changing route etc.,. only to find we lost ground rather than gained, as we had hoped in our foggy brains. But we seem to be back in the game this morning. Plus as we all know, "gentlemen don't race."

The boat is surprisingly tidy and clean. Sponges from the Poundshop have been placed strategically in cupboards and elsewhere to dull every clink and clatter. Its 28 degrees and a clear blue sky. Grandad even has taken his string vest off (Fat Face of course). This may be a GoPro day.

Menu del dia: Steak a la bollywood star

I think he is referring to that well known hearthrob - Rogan Josh.

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