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Date: 25 Nov 2015 13:30:57
Title: 25th November 8th day at sea

21.54.14N 028.33.74W
12:00 -  25 Nov 2015

Distance run today: 149 miles
Total distance run:    990 miles

Gusts of 50kts finally killed the rudder sensor last night. After taking turns at helming all night, at about 7 am we got the spare rudder sensor and proceeded to unearth the stores + bed + mattress to reveal the rudder quadrant etc under the aft cabin sole. That in itself was a major operation. We have so many bruises it looks like we have been doing martial arts. Pete then helmed while we shouted instructions at each other through a hatch. I removed the sensor and replaced it with the new one. We strung the cable up with duck tape from the aft cabin to the saloon and wired it into the autohelm computer. We then re-calibrated the autohelm control. Magic. It all worked. The sea state is moderate. We have had hot showers and tidied up the mess. All is well.

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