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Date: 24 Nov 2015 12:22:57
Title: 24th November 7th Day at sea

22.30.94N 026.06.71W
12:00 -  24 Nov 2015

Distance run today: 151 miles
Total distance run:    841 miles

Inspection highlighted that the downhaul on the pole was rubbing on the genoa furling line. The seminar we had last week impressed upon everyone the hazards of letting ropes chaff - sods law would ensure that the rope thus weakened would explode, probably at night and at the worst possible moment. We rigged up a strop to raise the block holding the downhaul and now all is calm again. Enough gobblygook. We are absolutely tanking along. Maximum speed over the ground recorded last night was 14.6kts - imagine your car suddenly doing 1.75 times its top speed. The dilithium crystals are really warming up now. Its a shame I cant post photos from here - the sat phone is like a 1980's modem and just cant manage it. Only 2,046 nm to go !

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