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Date: 21 Nov 2015 11:55:08
Title: 21st November 4th Day at Sea

24.45.92N 018.47.70W
12:00 -  21 Nov 2015

Distance run today: 140miles
Total distance run:    415 miles

Gradually getting the boat tidy again. "Pound shop" sponges strategically placed next to anything that rattles or slides. So the boat is quieter too. Still large seas and up to 30kts wind.

I think I could pass the audition for Gladiators now, having spent my 4 hrs off watch spread eagled on the mattress, gradually rotating,  trying find the angle where the bed doesn't tip me on my head. Imagine trying to sleep on one of those floating pontoons where contestants battled the Gladiators with over sized ear buds. Thats what sleeping on  yacht is like.

The autopilot, which is truly a third member of the crew, is working hard and so far so good. We haven't been able to carry out further repairs due to the sea state. i have visions of having my had cut off while fiddling with the rudder sensor right next to the massive steel rudder quadrant that revolves as the rudder turns.

Hopefully we can start to make ground more westerly now.

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