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Date: 20 Nov 2015 12:43:32
Title: 20th Nov

 26.21.47N 017.08.45W
1230 -  20 Nov 2015

By now we should be the last boat... not that it is a race!

We had a tough night. Firstly about 2am I managed to get the genoa sheets wrapped round the forestay while trying to do a gybe without waking Pete. This meant waking Pete. The sea was moderate to rough and the wind around 30kts. So rounding up into the wind while working on the foredeck was enough to make you chuckle - or chuck even. Then about 4am we were hit by a large wave and the autopilot decided it had enough so we broached. When we eventually regained control it appeared that the autopilot would not work. We actually decided to make our way back to Teneriffe, 80nm away, to get repairs - motoring into the wind and waves. After about 30 mins of that, Pete had a brain wave and managed to get the autopilot working even though the rudder sensor was still not working. We then decided to turn round again and rejoin the route. So morning has broken, we are being very conservative with our speed while we try and get re-organised both physically and mentally.

The bears who had messed up the boat seem to have left after detonating a bomb - there is stuff everywhere!...We are both fine. Hot showers and a nice lunch await. Everything is under control.

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