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Date: 07 Jun 2012 15:05:46
Title: Pent up in Pendennis

50.09.409N 005.03.452W

1430hrs 7 June 2012


Rally Yachts Holed up in Pendennis MarinaWe are still holed up in Pendennis Marina, Falmouth. Nick who is our Rally Portugal minder on the ground has made valiant efforts to raise the spirits. First with a visit to the interesting Maritime Museum where I completed the quiz at the Shackelton exhibit. Q1 If you have pessimists and optimists in your crew who would you leave behind and who would you take if you had to go for help? Q2 If you have 69 men and 27 dogs and were running out of food what would you do? Just as I did at School, I forgot to read the question and answered I would take the dogs and eat the pessimists.

In the evening Nick arranged a wine tasting and dinner at Indaba on the Beach Restaurant. I must say that the wine tasting was excellent and was accompanied by a fascinating talk by Charles from EllisWharton Wines. We were treated to the wines made from the Albarino grape – much quaffing and careful noting of the balsamic resonances; sweet tannins; and luscious styles. According to Charles, the Abadia de San Campio “is a reminder of where water, sky and land meet; it quenches the thirst, lifts the spirits and can transport you to a wild, beautiful landscape”....at that moment there were 50 people that wished it would!

The dinner at Indaba was excellent – surpassed only by the eloquence of the toast made by Otto. Well done Otto, you have gone some way to make amends for the ravages of your ancestors on this green and pleasant landSmile







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