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Date: 08 Aug 2013 12:30:44
Title: Travels

Well this serves me right, I am here in Scotland trying to remember the order of the journey which got us from St Lucia to Trinidad and then me here!  No looking back in the log book for dates so here goes:
Still in company with CDrifters we head for Chateau Belair, St Vincent an overnight anchorage.  As we get to the Southern end of St Lucia we have a Police Launch come up behind us and take up position off our Starboard side, we reel in the fishing gear and wait to be boarded.  However they stay in position for about 5 minutes, smiling and waving occasionally but no attempt at communication weird!  Maybe they were just bored and enjoyed making us nervous, or maybe it was an exercise in boat control because they kept a consistent distance from our stern?  Anyway once they had had enough they opened the throttle and by the time I had my camera poised to take a picture of them leaving they were gone.....
m_100_1965  m_100_1967then they were gone.....
The weather was very changeable the whole way down, grey and squally, in the lee of the islands there was not much wind at all but a big swell, then between Islands we had good strong sailing winds, quite the mixed bag.
On arrival at CBA George the local young boat boy we met earlier in the season paddled out on his canoe to take our rubbish, have a coke and chat, I remember late that night we seemed to swing in opposite directions with CDrifters and ended up pretty close at one point but all was well.  Next day a sailed down the coast of St Vincent for Canouan,  really heavy squally weather, CDrifters recorded winds of 30 knots in one of the Squalls, (glad our wind speed instrument is not working at the moment).   Overnight in Canouan Just Imagine and Viking Angel are also here, they are are having a couple of days and maybe going to the Cays but we are heading straight for Carriacou and off we set the following morning...
m_100_1946m_100_1970m_100_1959Chris looking for divine intervention with the wind gods, grey day and then enlivened by dolphins, fishing line in again.....  At last we arrive in Carriacou and check in to the Grenada Islands.

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