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Date: 20 Jun 2016 13:04:00
Title: Brighton



Stepping around a comatose figure, face down on the pavement, and a mix of men's and ladies hairy and smooth legs poke from skirts. The marina, going to the showers involves avoiding the swans nesting and perhaps dodging a gull, vigorously dismembering a crab for breakfast.

Pouring rain, taking the bus into Brighton – a bloke gets on the bus “this is an unhappy bus, let's make it a happy bus. I'll sing a song and you can all join in the chorus!” Everyone looked grimmer as we listened to a song: something about walking down the Strand and bananas?? It turned out this bloke only knows Victorian songs – his next rendition being Daisy, Daisy – only in Brighton...
Swan 'on guard'

Swan 'on guard'

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