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Date: 21 Dec 2009 22:15:22
Title: The PRICE is right

Hello All,

Picture this, laura P is sitting ahead of me talking total rubbish, how i long for those days in the Atlantic! We're sitting here having dinner and i think, as usual, i have bored the company to tears talking about the rowing and they, like me, just cant wait until i go. As i got told a few days ago, "Rich, can you please just GO away" in the nicest possible way.....i hope. 

I managed to run through the streets of london last night on my way to waterloo and it was great. It made me realise just how lucky i am to be about to go off and do this great adventure despite sometimes forgetting what i'm about to do. 

(A slight digression, laura has just confessed that she sends texts to herself, to remind her of something and then got excited when she got the message.....oh dear!)

And then today i bottled running home as it was snowing. All i want is it to be a bit warmer, i doubt i'll be saying that in a while!

So, for the sake of boring you, i'm gonna go, but basically all is well, iv'e been training hard, seeing a few people and working again. The buzz is coming back and hopefully we are off soon. Still flying on 27th but weather isn't looking great. 

speak to you all soon, 

Rich.......and i guess Laura as well. 

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