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Date: 17 Dec 2009 19:44:24
Title: Home sweet home

Hello all of my favourite people in the world......
We arrived home on sunday evening and i can tell you now, that within seconds of landing, i felt the buzz of rowing the atlantic come back into my belly. Its no secret that i was beginning to loose focus whilst sitting around and needed to freshen up. The trick so far seems to have worked.
We haven't been sitting on our backsides doing nothing. I've headed straight back in to the gym and had some much needed time honing what can only be described as "a temple" of a body! Well, not quite, but i have been working hard.
We also did an interview for BBC Breakfast news this morning, to be aired next week regarding the topic of "gift aid" and the benefits for charity. It was a success but only after i asked, what gift aid was. I would prefer to tell you that it was tom who asked the silly question, but it was infact me.
So, i'm back at work tomorrow to try and earn a few much needed funds and then its rest and recuperation in the lead up to christmas with alittle work inbetween. Our next date is the 27th where both myself and tom fly back out to La Gomera.
Like me, keep an eye on the weather, www.passageweather.com seems to be the best i can find.
Speak to you in a few days,

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