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Date: 12 Feb 2010 13:30:49
Title: Silly questions have silly answers!

Hello all!!!
Hope you are all ok. I just came off shift and have decided that i would get the blog done sooner rather than later but didnt actually know what to write. But then i thought about last night.
Did you manage to hear the interview on the radio? There will be a link appearing here soon, we havent got it yet! But it was all abit rushed and not as good as last time i fear. AND, did you pick up on my question? What have a learnt about tom? Really sorry, but thats a silly question and all i could think of was a silly answer. If i offeneded anybody calling him and "idiot" or "iritantingly normal" i didnt mean it. I was being quite mild!!!!!!!!! Joking aside, did you hear him agree with me when i said i had just nailed 130 miles in my shift, i hadnt, i managed 5!!! Would have been 6 had i had the extra minute or so.
So, Terry the TUNA is still with us as too are a few of his mates. The only problem is we got a text from  a past ocean rower who suggested he might infact be a darado (spelt wrong, i m sure) and not a tuna at all. If thats true, thats rubbish!!! So between you and me, of which we have been told there about 5,000 of you! we are going to beleve that that text never came through, so terry is STILL a tuna. And yes, lets hold off the jokes about catching him and eating him. Can you imagine the mess on the deck, tom would have a nervous break down! Besides getting a 2 foot TUNA fish into a jet boil cooker just wouldnt work, plaIn and simple!
Were in for a hot one again today and the wind is slightly across us but it should be ok. Being so hot its alittle bit unpleasent as we have nowhere to go. If it does get unbareable we might take a break and go for a swim, but we will see. With the lack of wind the cabin gets to about 110 degrees and the rowing temp cant be far off 100. This when its crutial to keep drinking. I also had a result on the food front this morning. Whilst eating my standard breakfast of a few packets of super noddle, i found some more wet food. To you guys, thats food that doesnt need water. Its lovely. It means i have atleast another 10 days of wet food to go, not only does this mean we get lighter but i eat. On top of that i have a few more weeks of snacks. At this current pace we have 20 days to run, IF WE can keep it up. The last 7 days will be tough, eating what can only be described as vomit looking, vomit smelling and vomit tasting food. It is edable but only just. W hats funny about the wet food food is that it is called "lamb Tanijine" and yet it is made of chicken!!!
Ok. im gonna sign out. I have just eaten a while pack of winegums whilst writing this........shugar high here we go!!!!
See ya.

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