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Date: 04 Feb 2010 17:18:24
Title: Were on!!!

Hello everybody.........
Sure, i say "sure" alot (yes tom told me what he wrote yesturday), the only reson being is that he asks so many questions! And yes, i do sleep talk. Infact, i wanna start my blog by addressing this. If you call or text me when im back in the uk after about 10pm its well worth chasing me the following morning as i probably would have replied to either whislt being asleep and promtly frogotten about it. I was talking in my sleep to keep tom on his toes during our long stint in here, no other reason. I felt he was getting abit comfortable with the situaion. However, yes i do talk, yes i do sometimes turn left out of my bedroom at home and not right and wee all over my brothers room whilst sleep walking and yes, i have been known to say other peoples names whilst asleep which is nothing short of inconvient most of the time. I was gonna start the blog by denying it, but i cant, its true.
So the last 48 hours for me have been horrible. Although im now in the routine of ocean rowing and kinda enjoying the experience, im going regularly, your be glad to know, am eating abit more, the sun has really got strong. Im slightly high right now on paraacetamol, vitiam tablets, 2 barocca's and some sea sickness tablets to try and get ride of either sun stroke or a bought of sea sickness. Ive just felt rubbish. Also, those who know me, i dont quit so i point blank refuse you miss a shift. I figure if i just steer thats better than nothing and it shows, we've covered 50 odd miles for each of the last 3 days and there is no reason why we cant again, push push push.
We've seen no boats now for 3 weeks and no wildlife really except birds. I pretty sure i tried to mate with one a few days ago, i decided to make some very strange noises, nosies i didnt think i had in me and the bird almost came and sat on the boat. Ive therefore made it my task this trip to try and get a bird to sit on the boat. However, one of the advantages of not seeing anybody, is that i reckon im better looking than tom and therefore ive had 3 weeks now of being the best looking thing out here, now, that doesnt happen often. am quite proud of that! 
But dont worry, i was brought back to earth as my auntie gave me  a card with photos in from when i was young, not so pretty!
The final thing i want to talk about is a part of my daily routine. I know tom writes about routine in his blogs, but he doesnt know i do this and by the reaction of the poo story, you want more (its not that bad actually!)
Ok, im rowing in breif's, you obviously sweet during the day so come the evening, where i wear cycling shorts, i generally take that turn over as a time to clean and evaluate the wounds. So into the cabin we go, pants off and then put my legs up on the beam that come across the roof. Its then a series of actions, Mirror, baby wipes, mirror, sudocrem (god sent on my ass which isnt that sore at the moment), mirror, baby wipes again, talc powder and then air the area out. I then generally finish with a hand cream that cleans my hands without water. Easy and job done. Three days ago, i opened the back window and threw the baby wipes out (they decompose in the water), i didnt check the wind direction and they landed on toms shoulder! I dont have the heart to tell him where it had been!
Have a great evening guys, am actually alittle jealous of your weather right now. Ginger and sun dont go.
see ya
richie xx
ps, ive just read through this and i doesnt read very well, tough!

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