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Date: 08 Jan 2010 15:06:22
Title: im alive!!

Hello everybody!!!!
hello hello hello, im still here, i might only be half the size i was but im still here. The first three days was like a horrific hangover, but i seem to be over it now, so hopefully sea sickness wont return.
Since barnsey wrote two days ago, much has happened. But i must tell you of something that has happened in the last five minutes. As i was opening the computer, i heard "rich rich rich" and then a pause. Thinking, oh crap, whats happened, i was confronted with thomas holding a used wet wipe with something that wasnt nice on it, "where's the bed pan?" i shouted,  "over there, it fell off" tom replied, "full of your crap i presume??", i achknowledged,  and so i told him to go and get it, and he has, i also have the pictures. Christmas cards next year???
The whole para anchor situation wasnt great, this cabin is bigger than most but for two of us, its still very small. Suffy and smelly it wasnt much fun. But, on the evening shift, i saw a huge whale, it was amazing, not some large lady walking down the high street but an actual whale. It was massive and sounded just like they do in the films, wired that!!!
The nights are as good as the days, the stars are amazing and i cant tell you how beautiful it all is. Its great to be here but its also very tough. A quick phone call home this morning proved it so, all i wanted to do was to say hello and within seconds i was in flods of tears, no idea why. Anyway, were safe and were well. I also did some washing thismorning, including my hair! i was like the "pantem" girl swinging all my locks!!!!
The beared is saping up nicely as well.
Ok, i better go, sorry i havent been in contact over the last few days, we will try and make it more regular from now on, as long as my hands can take, this rowing game actually hurts!!!
Thanks for all your nice texts as well, sorry i havent replied to them but it nice to see people at home are thinking of us.
I trust the weather is good as well!!!!
rich. xx

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