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Date: 28 Dec 2009 22:08:45
Title: Just a short one from me today

Just a short one from me today as i only have 6 minutes left on my internet connection.
We arrived back in La Gomera today having missed the last ferry last night due to our flight being delayed. What it did mean was that, as tom had flown in from bristol, i shared a room with steve of "no fear", nice guy actually!
Anyway, the boat is fine and everything is working. We had been told that the first time we tried our watermaker after the break, the water would smell, and my god, it did. But thankfully everything else worked fine. There was water in our battery compartment, but i took the batteries out today, dried it all up and silicone the hole i found. Doing this sort of stuff is much more fun than sitting around although its not ideal for that hatch to leak! fingers crossed i have sorted it out!
Otherwise, all is good. The weather is nice, here at least! and our provisional start date is now the 2nd/3rd Jan. BUT, I've had a quick look, and i think we will be lucky with that.
Ok, better go, but will write a better blog in a few days.

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