CR and KN Williams
Fri 25 Jun 2010 14:18
18.37S 175.35W
03:00 Saturday 26 June
The restaurant last night was authentic spanish with owners who came from Valencia and produced delicious tapas and paella as well as singing and castanets. It was a treat to get ferried there and back instead of sitting in our [still] flippy floppy dinghy which needs pumping before each journey.
Set off on Friday morning and have 15/20 knots of wind behind us so are cracking along. Downside is intermittent rain.
I dont know about the rest of Tonga but the Vavau group of islands where we were are a real gem. I had never heard of them until we were talking to people in the Cook islands and deciding where to go.
I'm in the doghouse because my forecourt attendant skills were such as to spill a small amount of diesel onto our bed in the front cabin. The boat stinks, but is slowly getting better.