CR and KN Williams
Sun 13 Jun 2010 03:51
18.39S 173.59W
Sunday 13 June
We went to church this morning to hear the amazing Tongan singing. Everyone was in their Sunday Best with a lot of grass skirts in evidence and little girls prancing around in pretty frocks, The small boys were wriggling and trying to behave badly.
After weeks of being just the 2 of us we have met up with people from Rarotonga and a scottish boat we met in Curacao, and Tahiti. It is fun to have someone to gossip with for a change. A number of people we met last year have put off going up through Indonesia and are still in the Pacific waiting to see what happens with the Somali pirates. Maybe the Cape of Good Hope beckons.
Keith has removed the ? offending starter motor and will try and find an engine person tomorrow. The Sabbath is strictly observed here; no work (apart from starter motors), no shops and even no air flights.