Off at last

CR and KN Williams
Wed 5 May 2010 20:56
16,39S 151.27W
Wednesday 5th May
After 2 weeks in the marina at Raeatia we finally left!
Virtually every locker revealed some burst tin disaster and together with work done on engines, bow thruster, anchor winch, solar panels and batteries,
we also had the 'fridge break, an anode replaced and an inverter isolator fitted.
The 'fridge was sorted by an excellant chap who diagnosed a block in a tiny copper capillary pipe and did a fem-pop in less time the average unsupervised surgical junior!
The anode for the Variprop took 10 days to Fedex from the US East coast via Honolulu, Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti ! By this time we were back in the water but a nice diver simply replaced it underwater.
The Inverter story is interesting; 4 years ago in France our batteries kept draining and the reason was we'd left it on standby for 3 months This time it did exactly the same but because the solar panels had also packed up, the inverter, despite being off, was apparently constantly charging and discharging some huge capacitor. Anyway we can now completely isolate it.
We'd hardly been gone 2 hours when our first breakage occured when I foolishly allowed the dinghy to get stuck on the re-fuelling dock and punctured a chamber. Depending on how big the hole is I might try and mend it but will probably just put it on deck and sort it out in the Cook Islands.
Having been rained on but becalmed in the marina for the last two weeks, the last two days have had 30kt winds but fortunately little rain.
We did spend a lovely couple of days on a buoy [ didnt even have to worry about the anchor dragging] with a fantastic view of Bora Bora in the sunset and pretty fish swimming round the boat. The water is 29 deg so just how I like it for lazing around in.
When we have sorted the dinghy I am looking forward to a few days in the lagoon at Bora Bora. If we cant mend it we will be stuck on board unless we can beg a lift ashore but we have plenty of stores so tant pis.No-one in Raiatea will touch repairing a dinghy.. bizarre. We are wating for the wind to drop to have a go. 
While we were away it was the hottest and wettest season they had had for years [blamed on El Nino] with the edge of a cyclone [85 knot winds]. The temp inside one boat was 52 deg C and a load of fizzy drink cans burst...another boat filled up with rainwater and had to be pumped out.
I was feeling smug that I hadnt left any drink cans when I found a burst can of black olives deep filed. ugh.
I also had to do lots of washing and airing clothes and sheets..The anti mildew spray really works. I think it is strong NaOH..keep away from children!
Anyway it is good to be on the move again.