Bora Bora

CR and KN Williams
Tue 11 May 2010 22:46
17.32S 153.23W
13:00 11/5/10
A taxi driver in Tahiti said they referred to the above as Boring Boring because all there was there was hotels.
He was not wrong, indeed he exaggerated its virtues.
My last blog said they hadn't replaced the entrance bouys because of a cyclone a month previously; actually it was nearly 3 months ago.  They have however managed to repair the megwatt speakers that blare fake reggae across the bay for most of the night.
According to the Tourist office there was no-one on the island who could repair our punctured dinghy, and the chandlery could only offer Sikaflex by way of glue. A one-mile water-taxi trip to town cost £70, and none of the restaurant/hotels would pick us up for a meal. The locals endlessly buzz around in their exclusive dinghies like insects (ie noisy, irritating and to no obvious purpose) doing 20kts about 6 ft from us, Even in the middle of the night we'd suddenly start rolling like crazy. It rains much of the time.The gendamerie opened 50mins late because they'd had a hard night, poor things.
The only ray of sunshine was the Bora Bora Yacht Club, which, despite still being cycloned (no restaurant), was extremely helpful and pleasant, as was a delightful taxi lady.
Some might think this is all sour grapes because Pierce Brosnan failed to present his card; if he is here I hope he hasn't got a puncture for his sake.
Anyway we are now en route to the Cook Islands with little wind now but fun and games expected on arrival (a combination of SPCZ and 'crush' zones) - more later
Keith really loved Bora Bora as you can tell! The lagoon was very pretty and the tasteful thatched bungalows of the posh hotels look lovely[only £500-£1000 per night].I had expected a picture postcard village but it was scruffy with a small rundown supermarket and no film stars. Only harassed locals.
Our puncture repair was successful but the tube had separated from the hard floor for about 3 ft at the bow so any wash allowed us to ship water even with us both right at the back. Not exactly relaxing so perhaps we did not see the best of the place.
We have been going for 24 hrs now and all is well.
Looking forward to the Cook Islands and I talked to a really helpful chap there who seems to have glue and a wish to help.400 miles to go.