CR and KN Williams
Wed 8 Apr 2009 00:26



I was too busy serving spag bol to say anything yesterday. Some wind but still pretty slow progress. Time to play with highlighting shampoo and nail varnish.

Wretched generator still won’t work but engine now seems to be charging o.k.




Quiet slow day, decanted all the cans into the tank, now ¾ full with 120nm to go.

SSB doesn’t work. Occasional sail but mostly motoring.




I am on the verge of mutiny. I haven’t had any sunbathing time today as I had to go and snooze for three hours this afternoon. However, unless anything goes disastrously wrong we should be in Chatham by mid-morning tomorrow, just in time for a slap-up breakfast of Penguins Benedict and Sea-lion sausages which might help to keep thoughts of sedition at bay... Why is it that the Admiralty (or whoever named the island – they clearly weren’t Spanish) managed to make one of the most exotic islands on earth sound – with no disrespect to the people of the Medway towns - frankly rather dull and suburban?