CR and KN Williams
Fri 13 Mar 2009 18:30
9.22N 79.57W
                                                      Friday 5th December 2008
Arrived Shelter Bay Marina at 13.00 hrs. Approaching the port of Colon the engine wouldn't start. Had fun emptying water from the 1ary filter while avoiding huge tankers !
Lovely marina with swimming pool, bar, restaurant and forest with monkeys behind. K saw a shark in the bay and there is a resident crocodile in the marina so I will not be swimming in the sea.
                                                    Friday 13th March 2009
Returned via Cuba and had a lovely day being tourists in " Old Havana ". I liked the " Granma memorial " (actually the boat in which Che and Fidel returned to start the revolution ) and we drank mojitos in Hemingway's favourite bar.
We were oblivious to the fact that we believed Virgin and our watches were not on Cuban "daylight saving" summer time until 36  hours later and we were in the taxi to the airport and arrived at 8.30 for a flight at 9.05.....My extravagance in paying £80 extra for club class paid dividends as they re-opened checkin and escorted us through emigration and security straight onto the plane.
Panulirus is clean and dry and the new watermaker should be fitted next week. We could not mend the generator but think we have found a fischer Panda agent with the necessary parts (maybe).
The wind transmitter up the mast now does not work but tacktick are sending one out.
We have been admeasured for the canal so perhaps we'll get everything sorted next week.....