Leaving Grenada

CR and KN Williams
Fri 1 Feb 2008 17:18
12.00.220N 61.43.451W
2nd February, 2008
We have been chilling out in Grenada since the middle of January generally nesting and trying to get the autopilot sorted out . A new course computer has crawled its way here via Florida and Memphis !
If it now works we will leave tomorrow for Margarita via the Islas Testigos. Having spent so long here we are missing out on Tobago (which is upwind and current ) and Trinidad.
The most exciting event was crap dinghy making a bid for freedom off the south coast of Grenada...I was just relieved that K had tied it on ! This is such a small community that it was returned within 3 hours The D ring had pulled off so it wasn't Keith's fault. It was picked up by a tripper catamaran and instantly recognised by an engineer working on our boat out for a birthday party!
Grenada has wonderful beaches ,food and friendly people but I quite fancy seeing somewhere new. Just hope we avoid any pirates