Fw: blog 3/12/08

CR and KN Williams
Thu 4 Dec 2008 12:09
10:47N 76:33W

                                                Wed 3/12/08



4 days down, only 2 to go to Panama. Thankfully uneventful, wind Easterly 20-

30 knots, big swell but waves OK Having to run engine for 3 hrs/day.



I now see what people mean about the coast of Colombia being like the bay of Biscay.This is the calm season so I am glad we are not here when it is windy! The waves are jostling with North Easterly swell so all over the place. Luckily Panulirus seems to like surfing down 8 ft waves and jumping around like Tigger. It just makes having a cup of tea a major exercise.

We have adapted our routine from Gina Ford : 4 hour sleeps at night with extra naps during the day ! Martha would fit in nicely. Interestingly the strongest gusts were off the cape of Santa Marta ..