blog 30th Nov, 2008

CR and KN Williams
Sun 30 Nov 2008 20:16

12:37N 71:17W

                                                30th November


Despite spending a fortnight and many thousands of dollars in Curacao, much of the boat remains broken; however we are last on the move. The generator runs for only 2-3 mins before overheating and stopping, the water-maker won’t start  and the duogen water impeller and water pump don’t function either!


We’ve given up Sans Blas islands and probably won’t have time for Cartagena which is a pity. We will possibly have to go straight from Curacao to Panama. Making good time so far, and it’s stopped raining


Clare: ( it rained endlessly in Curacao which brought out massive mosquitoes )


The sun is shining and there are 20 knots of following wind so all is not doom and gloom. The swell is quite vicious and we are rolling all over the place but so far the new dinghy is still secure in its davits and Keith is looking forward to zooming around with his 10 h.p. engine. Crap dinghy has found a new home with Louis who tried to mend the watermaker.

Quite tiring with just 2 of us but have maintained standards and had roast chicken and roast potatoes as it is Sunday.