18th May, re-sent 22.5

CR and KN Williams
Tue 22 May 2007 22:56
14.04N 60.56W 18th May

During our last evening in Martinique we allowed a distraught lady with a 10
yearold daughter to use our VHF to contact her husband.

Next morning my bumbag had vanished and also Keith's wallet [not unusual but
I had seen it on the shelf the night before !]. The mosquito net in the door
had fallen down..

It appears that since the local light fingered lady came out of prison 2
weeks ago there have been 3 similar thefts from boats - one of them had
someone asleep in the cockpit.

The owner of Le Ponton says he is about to install CCTV.He sent various
heavies to search the area and drove us to the police station where a
charming French creole policewoman took 2 hours to file a report [NHS
computers look good in comparison]

We still had our passports and one credit card with the pin in an uncertain
'safe place' at home. Our credit card protection plan agreed to give us a
cash advance to a bank in St Lucia so they are some use.

Wind on the nose again down to Rodney Bay but it's good to return to a place
you know. Took a local bus [$EC2] to the bank in Castries. The driver said
it was a long way from the bus stop so he drove us to the door ! Really
cheered us up.

I dragged Keith to the beach yesterday. He attempted to upend me again in
crap dinghy but I leaped out and let him deal with the jetski swell and find
a calm bit of beach to land on.

The generator started playing up last week. It seems to be a complicated
problem so are waiting to see if they can sort it out today.