CR and KN Williams
Mon 21 May 2007 15:42
13.01N 61.14W May 21st 2007

The generator is mended which is good as we still have some of the mahi-mahi in the freezer that Keith ,Horace and Kate caught on their fishing trip in Antigua. It only took 4 caribbean pace days The trainee mechanic scratched his head and rang Fischer Panda.U.S for 3 days. When the nice guy in the office realised he couldn't really charge us if it still wasn't working he came and had a look. It only took him an hour to decipher the 'confusing' wiring diagram and replace a relay and fuse.

Night sailing is definitely better when planned! Left St Lucia at 5p.m. and had an idyllic trip down th island. Wind on the beam , flat sea, new moon, stars etc.The open sea round St Vincent definitely has big waves and the wind was back on the nose. Got to Bequia after a bumpy night. Idyllic bay but sounded like Wimbledon with a pneumatic drill going on the dock.