Panulirus Day 14 (9th Dec) to day 16

CR and KN Williams
Mon 11 Dec 2006 21:45
17:42:000N 47:21:000W
Monday 11th Dec.

Day 14

Geoa poled out at last; having fixed it back the track, as soon as the load
came it just fell off (probably cos all the ball bearings had fallen out!).
Sorely tempted to just give up and go back to staysail arrangement which was
a knot slower, but very fortunately we all
felt stroppy and lashed the pole to the mast where it has stayed immobile
ever since! Professional sailors keep the cockroaches down with a mixture of
flour and boric acid placed strategically round the boat. Having carefully
examined the evidence base however we choose to implement a cost-improvement
measure and just use flour (One of Tom's many bags of flour burst). About an
hour or so of cleaning later the place looks clean, but when we get to St
Lucia it looks like Happy Hour for cockroaches.

I have smeared my secret weapon against cockroaches all over.Since I found the blatanex in Gran Canaria we have not seen any [or any rats which were apparently in evidence in Las Palmas].

I am starting to get very bored of my beard. Quite apart from making me look like some terribly hearty yachty type it is very itchy. But unless I have to go on the run and need to change my identity it is definitely the only time I will ever grow one so I am persevering. It will however be removed pronto when we reach dry land.

Little Guy
I opened my bag of Werther's Originals. I like Werther's Originals. I always liked the adverts on TV in the 80s where the old man with the moustache invited his grandson into his shed to give him one. I always thought they were English but it turns out they were invented in the village of Werther in Germany by the talented confectioner Gustav Nebel. It's amazing what you discover at sea. I like Tom's beard. I think he looks like a young George Michael.

Day 15

Quiet day, wind dropped a bit, rig still intact. Running lights fixed (the
£35 LED bulb was smashed by a flogging Lobster).

The moon is rising later than last week so my night watch was pitch black and punctuated by 2 downpours associated with tricksy winds.The boat is totally unpeturbed by it all and carries on with a bit of rolling but minimal tipping.
Lovely sunny day and I have found the perfect place to lie and tan the back of my legs.
Sunday, so curry for supper but no Heartbeat.

Much luckier than Clare I had the first (6-9pm) and then fifth (6-9am) watch and didn't get rained on at all. Out of the watch rota this is definitely the best to have - although it involves being on duty twice, it means you can have an uninterrupted night's sleep. Second best is generally felt to be 3am - 6am and the 9pm - midnight and midnight to 3am watches equally bad. However they rotate around quite quickly and the disruption to sleep is more than outweighed by the amazing feeling of looking at the stars and feeling you are the only person awake for hundreds of miles. Or, if the radar is correct and there are no other boats within a radius of 24 miles, being the only person awake in 1800 square nautical miles. On another note - very concerned by Guy's last post. However we sleep on opposite sides of the saloon so being unable to lock him out I shall have to remain awake until we safely reach St Lucia.

Little Guy
Nothing remotely interesting happened today.

Day 16

Fair night and day, lots or rain threatened and some actually falling. Winds down a bit but still OK. Yet more foresail trouble with chafe against the whisker pole, fitted a block - hope it works.

It actually took Keith ,Tom and Guy about 2 hours battling on the fordeck to sort out the chafed jib sheet !
All is now well and brilliantly uneventful.Waves are smaller and less wind which is not so good..
More sunbathing.

When not battling with whisker poles, chaffed jib sheets, tangled genoa I have continued reading the history of the British Navy from the mid seventeenth to early nineteenth century. It appears that Admiral Sir George Rodney, after whom the marina we are heading for was named, was something of a pillock. But I'm sure it'll be ok.

Little Guy
Chafing is not good. I hate chafing. Fortunately I still have lots of baby wipes. In the absence of daily showers I give myself a good wipe down every morning. It's amazing how sweaty you get out here. I don't think I smell much. Nobody has said anything yet if I do. Nobody smells really, which I find a little strange. The loo has been quite smelly at times. Sometimes unbelievably so. But I think we know who the culprit is.