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Date: 11 Aug 2013 17:00:00
Title: Dublin, Ireland

imageAt midnite yesterday (high tide again) we headed into the pitch darkness with destination Dublin, Ireland. The sea had picked up and we were met with gale force winds and big waves head on as we sailed south for 11 hours to Dublin. We had to reef the mainsail and ODA performed well in the rough conditions. Unfortunaly the refrigeration failed during the crossing, probably due to bilge water hitting the compressor, so as we speak we have no refridgerator or freezer. Not good.
We are now tied up at the Poolbeg Yacht Club in the Dublin harbor. This is a major industrial port with container ships and cruise ships all around us. Dublin is definitely a party town and the Temple Bar area of town is teeming with pubs and quaint shops, and look a bit like Greenwich Village in New York. Also, yesterday there was a major soccer match here between Scotland Celtics and Liverpool, so the night life was crazy. Guiness is our new favorite pub drink.
Kai has to leave us here, unfortunately, and our new crew, Espen, Matthias and Isaac arrive tomorrow. Next stop is hopefully A Coruña, Spain.

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