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Date: 08 Aug 2013 17:00:00
Title: Isle of Man

imageAfter a few days waiting for the low pressure system to pass, we finally left Oban and headed for the picturesque Crinan Canal. A much shorter and narrower canal than the Caledonia Canal, but very enjoyable! We had met to guys in a pub in Oban, Dougie and David, and invited them to drive down to Crinan and join us for the canal passage. Two characters who made the day an extra great experience. The Crinan Canal does have staff, but we had to assist in operating the locks ourselves as well, and Tobias became an expert at filling and emptying locks, and opening and closing the gates into the locks.
After the Crinan we sailed southward to the strange and quiet village of Stranraer (see photo of Kai and Tobias) where we spent the night, before heading South in to the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man. Again we were extremely lucky with the weather, and the sea was almost dead calm with an amazing sunset. We arrived at Peel Harbor on the Isle of Man at 1 a.m., right at high tide, and they opened the gates into the inner harbor for us in the pitch darkness. One has to arrive here at high tide +/- 2 hours, as the tide difference is around 15 – 20 feet. At low tide the entrance to the harbor is completely dry! Peel is a cosy village and we have enjoyed a day of pub crawling and enjoying the many historic sailing yachts that were gathered here.

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