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Date: 13 Sep 2013 15:02:00
Title: Mohammedia and Casablanca

33:42.75N 007:23.9000W
imageAfter Rabat we have sailed a few hours South to the busy port of Mohammedia, the main receiving point of oil and gas to Morocco from ships. A surprisingly comfortable town and a short taxi ride from one the area’s main attractions for us: Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. We had prepared by watching Bogart and Bergman’s “Casablanca” on board and now everyone wanted to experience Rick’s Cafe, done up nearly identically to the cafe with the same name in the movie. We had a delicios dinner and enjoyed the mellow atmosphere and the piano (was that Sam playing after all?) in the background. Other than this, Casablanca really has no other attractions than the giant Hassan II mosque, which is worth a visit for it’s sheer size and mosaics.image
Kjersti and Christian unfortunately had to leave us here. They will be missed, as the have been fun to have on board and we have had a great time together. Thomas has joined us, however, and, with the exception of the actual Atlantic crossing, he will remain on board “permanently” in the Caribbean and on. A great guy who I know will be a great asset to Team ODA.
When visiting a muslim country, the question of alcohol invariable comes up. Morocco, with it’s young king and queen, have modernized Morocco greatly. Alcohol is allowed, but is taxed rather heavily, and most muslims do not drink alcohol for religious reasons. With the exception of tourist hotels and a very few night clubs/bars, and also the big tourist destinations such as Marrakech and Agadir, alcohol is rather difficult to come by. In both Rabat and here in Mohammedia, cafes and restaurants do not serve alcohol, which seems almost unfair in temperatures around 30C. More than once (every day) have i fantasized about a cold beer as we have walked around. One restaurant which did server wine, required you to eat dinner to be allowed do buy a glass of wine.
I guess a couple of weeks mostly on the wagon won’t hurt.
Next stop is the fairy tale city of Essaouira which we are looking forward to!

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