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Date: 28 Aug 2013 12:45:00
Title: Necessity is home in Middagsbukta outside Oslo

Our position is 59:51:56N 10:33:07E
We picked up the mooring ball of our cruising club yesterday on August 27, 1830 local time. We left the same mooring ball in the morning of July 3 2005. It has been more than 8 years and 62000 nautical miles since we were here last. On the way we have been to 65 degrees north and 60 south. We have been through a typhoon in the Philippines. Even that went without any significant problems or breakdowns. Necessity has never had to wait for parts. It has been a very long journey, but a trouble-free one. We are extremely happy with the trip and very happy to be home. The grandchildren are waiting.
Jan Fr. 28.08.13

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