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Date: 12 Apr 2011 19:28:00
Title: Necessity is in Huatulco

Our position is 15:45:84N 96:07:31W
This is likely to be our last stop in Mexico. It is a nice, but very touristy town. It is also very hot and somewhat humid. It takes getting used to. Sweating is the order of the day. The marina is small, but quite nice.
Coming down it was still too much motoring, but also some good sailing. There were also huge pods of dolphins. They were hunting with us in the center. It was an impressive spectacle.
We will use Huatulco as a base to go to Oaxaca, the local capital. Is is well inland and 1500 meters up. The bus takes 8 hours, so this is a long haul. Oaxaca is, however, quite famous for its old Spanish plaza, church and old Aztec ruins. It is also a well known center for artist. We will be posting more on that later on.
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