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Date: 05 Nov 2012 07:36:35
Title: The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker - a silly poem created on a long night watch!

I've been flying for days
But with the sun's last rays
Tiredness peaks
I must rest my beak!

Aha! What a sight
A ship sailing into the night
The top of the mast
A nice perch at last!

Bank right, bank right
I can do this alright?
But it pitches and rolls
And I fail to grab hold

The people they stare
I give them a glare
Feet out to land
On the bimini stand

Damnit I missed
Swark! I hiss
Hit my wing on the back stay
But I'm fine, I'm ok

A rail on the side
Looks like an easier divide
I slowly descend, (my wings are on fire!)
And wrap my claws firmly around the metal wire

At last I can rest
This ship is the best
Use my tail feather to balance
Head tucked in - a funny stance

Ditch my crap on the ship
While my head gets some kip
The humans keep watching
The miles of ocean we're crossing

It's finally dawn
The humans yawn
Time to be on my way
Lots of fish to catch today!

I spread my wings and lurch
Beginning the breakfast search
Farewell and thanks for the ride Mystic
p.s Enjoy clearing up my bird shit!

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