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Date: 13 Sep 2012 12:14:56
Title: Savusavu

Lat 16:46.65S
Lon 179:19.87E

Savusavu is a funny little town. It's a bit dusty and 3rd world-like, but at the same time the shops are full of everything you could possibly want. The Indian-Fijians seem to be very good at getting stuff done and this town is certainly easier to stay in than the towns in Tonga.

There are a lot of boats here, i think near 50 and some of them have clearly been left for a long time. It is very safe and sheltered from the prevailing winds. The anchorage is completely still so we're getting in some good zzzzz's!

We haven't really done much in the last few days though. We were pretty tired when we arrived, and then we have been waiting around for some joinery guy to come and look at our galley as we were hoping to get our grotty kitchen worktop replaced here. However it's been rather frustrating as the owner seems to always be out of town, and despite earlier saying that they had the time and should be able to do it, they haven't even found the time to come to the boat and see it, and have now decided that they actually don't have time to do the work. Fairly annoying as we have been hanging around for them to come and check it out for two days, when we could have been off seeing Fiji!

Anyway, tomorrow we are off to the island of Taveuni for 3 days over the weekend. We are going with the guys from Obelisk and Slick, and we're all leaving our boats here, as it is only $5 a day to be on a mooring here and it is so calm and sheltered. It would also be a 50 mile sail upwind to take the yacht so we are instead hopping on a 3 hour bus across and then a 1 hour ferry! It will be great to see some of Vanua Levu, and do some travel over land! There are some cool looking waterfalls and amazing diving that we hope to be able to fit in.

Back on Monday and then sailing down to Nananu-I-Ra to meet Mum on Wednesday!

Arriving into the creek at Savusavu


The most incredible sunset ever! No photoshopping or sneaky filters - it really did look like this! The whole place lit up like gold.


Downtown Savusavu


Archie picking chillies that turned out to be so hot they gave him a rash from being in his pocket! Ouch!


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