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Date: 11 Sep 2012 08:14:27
Title: BULA !!

Lat 16:46.64S
Lon 179:19.85E

Bula from Fiji! (Hello!)

We arrived at lunchtime today (Tuesday) after a swift last 24hrs. We got a good dousing of heavy (totally tropical) rain last night but the wind powered us through to get here in good time today. We have picked up a mooring buoy in Savusavu creek. There must be at least 50 boats here!! Amongst them are Obelisk and Slick so I'm sure we'll be catching up over a beer or two later on. We're currently waiting for the officials to come and check us in. We've already seen another 4 or 5 boats arriving in the last hour so it is fairly busy!!

It is considerably warmer here. The thermometer is reading 31 degrees - quite a change from the 24 degrees we left in Tongatapu!

Ready for the third hot shower in 6 months (YES!!) and then a nice cold beer.

Woohoo we're in FIji!

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