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Date: 30 May 2012 08:26:26
Title: Land Ahoy!

Lat 09:48.16 S
Lon 139:01.58

We made it! After 20 days of sailing in near perfect conditions across the Pacific, we arrived at Hiva Oa in the Marquesas early this morning. Waking up at dawn to the sight of mountainous cliffs backed by the pink hue of sunrise was very exciting. We have arrived in paradise! It is spectacularly beautiful here. Real perfect postcard stuff with high steep cliffs that veer straight up out of the water.

We have checked in with the friendly guy at the Gendarmes and completed all the formalities - which turns out is only one form - a very welcome change from the Panama paperchain. We found the "supermarket" and to my sincere delight found Orangina, Baguettes and Camembert. And Tim Tams! The double coated ones. They never tasted so good. We walked around the town and half way up the hill to the cemetery where Paul Gauguin and Jacques Breil are buried (don't worry I didn't know who they were either!). The scene is better told by pictures than words, and I'd quite like to enjoy my beer before we head to a posh hotel for a slap up dinner later this evening.

It is VERY good to be anchored and I am relishing the thought of a good night's sleep without the interruption of night watch!

Thank you to those of you who wrote emails - it's lovely to hear your news.

More soon - tomorrow we head to another island only 5 miles away (Tahuata) , with a less rolly anchorage and clear water for diving.

Lots of love from the Mystic crew, safe and sound in paradise xxx

Oh, and some very good news, the boys (Archie and Jamie) have finally got rid of the beards. We must be back in civilisation.

Land Ahoy!


Approaching Atuona Bay - breathtaking scenery


The anchorage - paradise found


Mystic anchored in Tahauku Bay


Not a bad place to rest in peace


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