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Date: 22 Nov 2012 01:20:18
Title: Ode to Mystic

A little note to Mystic from my Dad…

Well done Mystic. Thank for looking after us all.

You are a clever yacht. To have found your way safely across so many miles of ocean which can be mean at times, and to have carved your way through rolling seas, has been a triumph.

You have sailed well, handled well, and at times put up with some rough handling by inexperienced crew.

By and large the crew have treated you kindly and fuelled and watered you when needed. The crew have slept well some of the time, and your gentle rocking, and slapping, have provided respite to tired hands.

Our time together is nearly over. Before then, you will be washed, polished, greased, wiped, buffed and generally pampered. And we will make sure that the new Sydenysiders who take you on, are responsible, loving and caring owners.

So, one more leg to go, which we hope is uneventful, and then a grand entrance into the greatest natural harbour in the World. You will be famous, have your picture in the paper, and be celebrated as a fantastic yacht.

Thank you Mystic, for the ride of a life time, for exhilarating sailing, and cosy nights. You will not be forgotten.

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