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Date: 14 Nov 2012 01:42:11
Title: And we're off!

We finally received our gas permit this morning and got our clearance to leave Bundaberg. I think Archie had started the engine before I'd even got off the phone!
So we are now out of the marina and on our way to Sydney, the final leg of our trip. We are heading towards the sandy straits, which is a massive shortcut inside of Fraser Island. It's meant to be very beautiful with lots if wildlife. It's also very shallow, but the locals assure us that with our draft we'll be fine. We're anchoring there for the night and will continue through the shallows at first light. 
We've just sailed through a massive baitball, full of leaping fish, birds and sharks! We've seen loads of these throughout our trip but we've never managed to sail right through one as the fish always swim away. It was cool to see sharks on the hunt just a couple of meters from the boat!
We hope to get to Sydney on Monday, assuming we don't have to stop on the way to sit out any inclement weather. The winds look a bit funky on Friday and there may be the remnants of a southerly on the NSW coast over the weekend, so we'll play it by ear. We may need to stop in Coffs Harbour for a night. 

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