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Date: 19 May 2011 14:33:00
Title: Assos

38:22.7n 020:32.3e


Thursday May 19

Motor south from Sivota to the tip of Kefallonia then set sail in a light
south west breeze the remaining 6 miles to Assos a Venetian fortress
peninsula with a small village at the isthmus. We had been warned it was
only a suitable anchorage in light weather and so this was a good
opportunity. A Swedish ketch was immediately ahead of us as we entered,
otherwise no other yachts. The Swedes dropped anchor in 8 meters and took a
line back to the stone jetty. There are rocks off the jetty so they remained
10 metres off.

We chose to take a line ashore to the rocks on the west side. It took a bit
of searching to find a purchase for our line, then 3 tries to get a good
hold on the anchor in the weed and sandy bottom. While we were tucked in
behind the cliff, I would not have been comfortable that our anchor would
hold if the breeze got up.

Climb up to the fortress (about 2 km) built in 1595 and abandoned in the
18th century. Fabulous views. The walled area is huge in comparison to other
Venetian fortresses we've seen.

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