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Mojo 2
Andrew Partington
Thu 5 May 2011 12:28
Better late than never, the start of our web diary for "Mojo 2"
We arrived at La Rochelle around 5pm on the 3rd April 2011 after spending a couple of days with Keith & Penny Tabley in London. With me are my parents John & Lyn Partington and joining us in a few days Keith Burton & Sharon Mundy.
We went for a walk that first night to see if our Lipari 41 was far away. We found it within minutes and also met a Mexican couple Carlos & Paulina who were in LR to see a Lipari and go for a sail.
Next day we met up with our agent Gregor Tarjan from Aeroyacht Ltd who took us to boat for the delivery inspection and then later to the local supermarket for some supplies so that we could move onto the boat that day.
Gregor stayed with us for the next couple of days, carting us around to shopping centres to start provisioning the boat.
We had a memorable meal with him on his last night. Terrific guy and a pleasure to deal with.
The next week was busy preparing to boat for the journey to Australia. Dealing with not having a car, the language, buying food and boating gear was a huge challenge. I have to say that Jean Pierre, Anne and Jerome' at U Ship were a real find in fitting out Mojo for the journey. Terrific people who made us welcome and even sorted out the tax exemption on our purchases for us.
We met some other Aussies who were buying their boats in France. Chris & Marion with their Lipari, & Scott & Karin thier Mahe. Had a couple of great nights out with them, particularly our last night when I lost some brain cells with Scott & Karin at a local bar. Very funny!!
Keith arrived on the 7th and Sharon the 15th.
We set sail on the 16th bound for La Coruna in Spain. Took Mojo into the Old Port for one last look at this wonderful city, then headed out to see past the hundreds of lasers competing in the Europa Cup. 3 Days to get to Coruna before a front comes through.
On the first few days at sea we have good breezes and a host of wildlife including whales, dolphins and even a dove. It was really cold at night but the sailing was good. The approach to La Coruna was tough because we had just come through a large lightening storm, it was around 4am, and cargo ships and fishing boats were leaving the harbour. Eventually we made it, docked in the marina, had a wine and went to bed.