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Date: 08 Mar 2015 03:02:20
Title: Novel Aviator Soils His Trousers

In my last blog I was showing off about all the fancy yachts in Antigua, but the one vessel that completely blew my mind was much, much smaller. I was down below, slaving away as usual, when I heard a sound like an angry hornet. I went on deck to see at the far end of the bay a rubber dinghy, no bigger than our tender, to which was attached a hang glider and, at the back of the dinghy, a motor with an air propeller. It was accelerating as fast as it could into the wind down the fairway towards the marina where all the Superyachts were moored with their 200ft masts.


Getting ever closer to the marina it seemed to lurch to one side:


But not deterred, the pilot persisted and only managed to take off when he was barely 100 metres from about £10bn worth of very, very tall masts:


Realising that a straight trajectory would take him bang into the masts, he lurched to starboard, very narrowly missing the lower masts of other yachts anchored just in front of me


He re-landed about 10 minutes later having done a very quick circuit, looking thoroughly shaken. I don’t suppose he’ll be using that particular runway again in a hurry.

P.S. Apologies about the photos – I grabbed my camera in something of a rush and for some reason it went into black and white mode.

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