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Date: 27 Nov 2006 10:45:32
Title: Day one on the big Baba

Hi all,
We have finally left the Canaries and are sailing South to find the trade winds that will take us to St Lucia.
It's 0930 AM here and the day is looking good, we had a wonderful send off in Las Palmas
Here you can see some of our supplies being dried on the boat
Farewell pics being taken, we made good friends with the Americans on Tintagel and the Fins on Duo.
Here is the start, very busy.
Kathy is fine and might write a blog entry later.
oh we are having problems updating our position on the lady stardust site and on yotreps, however you can find out our pos from www.worldcruising.com
Cheers for now,
Paul and Kathy.

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