logo Lady Stardust Faro-Portugal to Barcelona - 2010
Date: 27 Jul 2010 18:04:00
Title: Another night in Culatra

Tuesday 27th July


We were woken early this morning by the anchor chain clanking onto the hull. It sounded like hard hammer blows banging on the side right next to where we sleep. Paul said it was due a tussle between the tide and the wind which was making the boat swing around on the chain.  Other boats around us were weighing anchor and leaving, seemingly unable to cope with this effect but it calmed down eventually.  The morning was cool, cloudy and a bit thundery but by noon the sun had returned in all its blazing glory.  There was little else for it but to go across the water again – this time to another part of the shore further away. Along with the usual fish and crabs we encountered a squid which we disturbed just as we were wading into the shallow sea and which shot out about a pint of dark ink right in front of us.

The evening was lovely and cool – no humidity here and no mosquitoes either so no more unsightly bites.

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