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Date: 05 Apr 2014 00:39:12
Title: French Polynesia

It is already 2 weeks since we arrived in Hiva Oa, Marquesas.
Everybody on board was happy to finally reach land after 16 days and 23 hours at sea.
Even if we had a good crossing it is nice to be able to go ashore again.
Lauren and I went to the world cruising office to check in.
That was easily done with good help from the agent and the worldcruising people.
As always after a crossing we had a big meal to celebrate.
Eggs, bacon and aquavit made us all very relaxed and laid – back.
Instad of washing the boat we had to sleep for a couple of hours to recover.
In the evening we went to Alex`s place for drinks and a nice meal with people from some of the other boats.
The next day we where busy cleaning the boat inside and outside – that was very needed.
That evening skipper Haakon bought the Ko-Ko crew a nice meal at Hanakee Pearl Lodge.
Sunday we went for a guided tour around the island with the people on America Spirit.
We saw its beautiful nature, steep green mountains, lovely flowers, animal life and ancient history.
After beeing to the Paul Gauguin museum and doing some shopping, we went sailing to the next island in the Marquesas, Tahuata.
It was only one hour sailing away and our destination was Bay Hanatefau.
The bay was inhabited, but only a small dinghy trip away there was a small village.
Lauren and Brian checked that out and become very popular among the kids on the island.
They took them all for a dinghy ride.
In the evening we had Tulasi, Festina Lente and Floimaida over for a drink on Ko-Ko. Great fun.
From Tahuata we had a nice sailing for 10 hours to get to the next Island, Ua Pou.
Dolphins jumped around KoKo and followed us for more than an hour.
We ended up i Baie d`Hakahetau and the next day we went for a walk to a beautiful waterfall with the people on Vivo and Tulasi.
It was great swimming in the pond, let all that water run over your head and give you a back massasje.
Before going back to the boat,s a nice, local lady invited us into her garden and treated us with drinks and fruit.
Then she sat down and chatted with us for a couple of hours – good to meet people like that.
Our final destination on the Marquesas island was Nuku – Hiva.
The first place to visit her was the diesel dock – nice to have full tanks again.
6 days we stayed on this island. Brian and Lauren went jogging and Haakon and I went for walks.
It was nice to stay in the same place for some days, they even had a good internett.
Philip took us on a guided tour around the island.
He is english, but have lived on the island for 20 years.
Philip was really a character, guiding very differently from all other guides we have meet.
He told us about history, political situations, food, gossip, people and everything else worth knowing.
The last night in Nuku Hiva we had a party organized from the worldARC.
It was music, songs and dance done from the locals.
Especially the mens dances was brethtaking, its energy, speed, power and precision.
The evening ended with a local meal, fish, meat, bredfruit in different ways and nice fruit for dessert.
Now we are on our way to Rangiroa, the first place we will visit in the Tuamotu islands.
Hope to be there on the 6th of April.

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