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Date: 20 Mar 2014 22:50:52
Title: Fish - finaly!

After 16 days out in the big Pacific Ocean Brian finaly caught a fish today.
A big fish.
A Skip Jack Tuna – aprox 12 pounds heavy.
He really deserved that now. He has been fishing almost every day – and he has lost 3 big ones.
And this one was a struggle to get into the boat.
Ellen took the rod and Brian used the gaff to bring the fish onto the boat.
Once on Ko-Ko Lauren gave the Tuna some Bacardi, now he is calm.
We are all looking forward to a nice Tuna meal tonight.
Tomorrow we will be in Hiva Oa. Now we have done 2900nm – less than 150 to go.
The last few days we have been motoring.
No wind and longing for land made that decision easy.

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