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Date: 13 Mar 2014 00:02:53
Title: English update: Half way

Today, is our 8th day at sea and we are half way to Hiva Oa, French Polynesia.
1505nm to go.
That was a good cause for celebration and the champagne tasted good.
Ellen made a delicious apple cake, to celebrate Tobias 1st birthday (Haakons first grandchild), which was a treat with afternoon coffee.
So far we have had a good trip. We read, watch films, talk, have watches and try to spoil each other with good food.
Every other day each couple have galley duty. That means we have to cook and clean up everything.
The next day is a day off.
So far we have had norwegian pancakes, like we call crepes, american pancakes with maple syurup.
Lauren cooked Haakon`s stew and Haakon made american hamburgers.
After 3 days of motoring we found the Trade Winds and we have been sailing at good wind since.
Wind about 16-26 knots from SE, waves 2meters, quite unstable. We sail with reduced sail to protect the equipment.
Brian has not had any luck fishing, but everyday we hope for fresh fish.
All is well on board, good harmony and good spirit.

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