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Date: 12 Feb 2014 23:08:07
Title: From Las Perlas to Galapagos

> Our second Rally lasted 4 1/2 days. After a very good start (we crossed the start line as boat nr.4 out of 39), we set sail for Galapagos & Isla San Cristobal, our first stop.
> For 1 1/2 days the wind was in our favor. We even put up the Genaker after a few hrs. A beautiful sail, good for winds up to 8-10 m/s. It's an amazing feeling when the wind & the sails take you across the ocean. We enjoyed the sun in the daytime, and the beautiful sky full of stars at night.
> Experiencing fabulous sunrises & sunsets in the horizon, nearly full moon with starry, starry nights, is an overwhelming experience. Unfortunately the wind died on the second day, so we had to motor towards San Cristobal.
> We got some problems with the Genoa after a couple of days, so unfortunately that meant motor sailing the rest of the way. But we could still enjoy the ride, read books & share nice lunches & dinners on board.
> On the 11th of Feb, 08:20 local time, we crossed the Equator. We celebrated that special moment with some good Champagne.
> On our way, we saw several dolphins playing around Ko-Ko. They seem so happy, and you get the feeling they are greeting you :0) Every encounter is special!
> Late at night yesterday we arrived in San Cristobal with the moon leading us into the harbour.
> We look forward to spending a full week here, before we move on to Isla Isabela & Isla Santa Cruz. Sight-seeing trips around the Island await us. Life is exiting!

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