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Date: 06 Feb 2014 22:44:48
Title: Las Perlas Islands

> Finally leaving Panama City to set off info the Pacific, was an unbelievable feeling.
> This is truly a dream come true! Clear blue sky above us as Ko-Ko found it's way out of the Marina area, and left Pamana behind.
> Unfortunalely the wind had more or less vanished during the night. We still tried putting up some sails, soon to discover that motoring all the way to Las Perlas was the only solution. So what do you do? Sit in or out of the sun, reading your book or pamphlets telling you about the next destination. We had 40 nm ahead of us. Next stop was the Island of Contadora.
> On our way to Las Perlas, we had several encounters with dolphins. They play around the boat, and seem so friendly. A wonderful encounter.
> We arrived five hrs later, and anchored up in Playa Cacique Hawaii. This is the meeting place for the World ARC contestants in the Las Perlas Islands.
> Contadora is an Island situated North in the Las Perlas Archepelago, with an airport & ferry going to the main land. We are able to visit small grocery stores, swim ware shops & scuba diving centers.
> We've had nice, lazy days with strolls around the Island, internet access (yeah!!) and tasty lunches at different beach restaurants. Life is good, and we deserve it!
> Yesterday the World ARC committee held a Welcome Party at the beach bar. A place to get together, bond and makie new friends & experiences. Afterwards we had a lovely dinner with Tulasi, the German yacht at restaurant Romantico.
> This is first and foremost not a race, it's a rally :) We are one big, happy family with much the same interests :)
> After a farewell party tonight, we all look forward to sailing to Galapagos. The second regatta is soon to start. 11 o'clock tomorrow, we're on our way to Galapagos!

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