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Date: 30 Oct 2011 20:12:41
Title: In Las Palmas

Time passes quickly!
We have been here in Marina Las Palmas, GC more than 2 weeks already.
A lot of things has been done to the boat and so far we feel we are right on schedule.
We are still waiting for parts that are stuck in Madrid but we cross our fingers they will arrive here before the ARC start.
In between all the preparations we have had time for sightseeing on the island.
It is really a beautiful Island with a great variety.
In only some minutes driving you go from the beaches and heavy tourism up in the mountains with its peace and quietness and a breathtaking view.
Mountains up to 1900 meters and small picturesque villages makes it worth driving the small and narrow roads up there.
We have also visited the old city in Las Palmas, Vegueta.
It has a nice cathedral and beautiful small squares where you can watch folk dance and listen to music on Sundays.
You also find stalls here where you can buy handicraft made by locals.
Spanish families get together here in the weekends and the nice restaurants are full of people eating tapas and drinking good spanish wine.
We also enjoyed that.
More and more boats are coming into the Marina every day. So far we are only 3 norwegian boats here participating in the ARC.
But a lot of different nationalities are here now and you can here all kinds of languages.
The ARC office will open on Friday and then there will be a lot more action.
So far it is still a table free in the restaurants and the lines in the Chandlery are not too long.
We are very happy that we have done most of the preparations on Ko-Ko so far.
You meet sailors on all corners here and you can talk boat and sailing all day if you like.
People are friendly and you get a smile and a friendly nod everywhere.
This is going to be fun!

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