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Date: 06 Sep 2010 10:05:00
Title: Hila Town, Romang

07:35.30S 127:21.89E

Hila Town, Romang

Monday 6th September


Captain’s Log: Sunday 5th September 2010 Towards Terlang Utara


Up at first light all ready to go and engine would not start - found the starter motor hanging on by one lose nut! Also saw that all the bolts for the fridge compressor were missing- so that’s why the engine seemed to rattle so much at low revs the last couple of days! Fixed the starter and finally left by 0615. With 68 miles to go to a little island called Terlang Utara. Motored all day with very little wind and arrived off the island at around 15.40 who ever recommended that as an anchorage must be from another planet!

DSC02679 Terland Utara's anchorage.jpg

 When we arrived with less than 10 knots of wind there was a big swell and breakers from the tide rip!  So an instant decision to continue overnight to Romang -our next planned port of call.  Only 70 miles so with the little wind we had were able to sail overnight to arrive at our first waypoint by 0630 on Monday morning, a very easy slow sail, most enjoyable.


Monday 6th September – Romang

DSC02698 Dawn arrival at Romang.jpg


Arrived in the anchorage of Hila at 0750 and found a spot to drop our anchor in 19m.  Nice little town.

DSC02803 Hila anchorage.jpg


 Valerie and Ollie went ashore


DSC02727 brightly painted boats.jpg


DSC02728 watching us from the shore.jpg

DSC02712 coast guard building.jpg

This is the Harbourmasters building, with a good view of the anchorage.


while I proceeded to re-bolt the fridge compressor, check the starter motor, replace the alternator etc.  Soon had a call from Valerie over the walkie-talkie that the local harbour master wanted to come onboard! So stopped everything and got all the mountain of paperwork out that the officials so love. 

He then went ashore with Valerie & Ollie to issue our port clearance, for which he wanted 350,000rp because Romang was not on our cruising list, Valerie said she only had 150,000 so he settled for that all in his pocket of course!

DSC02731 coast guard aboard.jpg

 I was able to get back to work and finish all the jobs including replacing the fan belt on the generator.

DSC02734 visitin the officials.jpg



DSC02719 Anchored at Hila.jpg

The other motor boat is owned by a man from Jakarta, he bought an Australian Motor boat, called Lady Linda.  He’s visiting this island for 2 weeks

DSC02740 Hila village.jpg

The Hila village sits on a hill, with the Church under construction half way up the steep hill.  Plenty of water here, piped running from the top of the hill

Church under construction.jpg

Bamboo scaffolding surrounding the Church under construction

DSC02754 Dutch round house.jpg

Small round thatched house next to the Church.  The coast guard fancies Ollie

DSC02741 cloves drying.jpg

Cloves have just been gathered from the trees in the forest.  There were sheets of them drying out in the sun along the roads and outside houses

DSC02745 shop for antibiotics.jpg

I was taken to this shop to buy some more antibiotics for David

DSC02746 Clinic.jpg

But was impressed to see they had a smart Clinic like this one

DSC02751 view over Hila bay.jpg

A great view up the hill

DSC02753 smart house.jpg

For this smart house in amongst the thatched poorer ones


DSC02787 bamboo house.jpg

DSC02764 Cashews.jpg

But the local food seemed to be abundant, cashews and plenty of oranges and grapefruit trees around

DSC02748  Primary school.jpg

The local primary school

DSC02794 teachers like Ollie.jpg

The Teachers insisted on a photo with Ollie

DSC02791  primary school boys.jpg

Whilst a boy was reading out to his class

I was asked to take a photo of each class being taught, with just 20 children per class, that seems to be as good as private school education?


DSC02801 primary school teachers.jpg

The school had just stopped for lunch, hence the group staff photo

DSC02790 Dutch desks.jpg

I couldn’t resist a photo of these old desks in an unused classroom, probably from Dutch colonial days

DSC02783 teachers staff room.jpg

The secondary school teachers here in their classroom seemed to be able to speak a little English, although they did not have to go away to the larger Islands to finish their teacher training.

DSC02785 4th form class.jpg

The secondary classes had 30 students to each class


DSC02774 Hila Anchorage.jpg



Valerie was very disappointed with the coral close to the town, as a lot of it had been bleached to kill the fish, which also kills the coral!

Asutubun coral sea bed.jpgAsutubun. sea bed.JPG

Sea slugs are as rare here as in PNG!


Asutubun.sea bed.JPG coral coral bed.jpg

 The coral shelf just behind the boat was endless however, and it was enjoyable for Valerie and Ollie just to drift along with the tide and watch the fish at close hand at low water over the coral.


Position : 07:35'.308s 127:21.891e

Distance run: 135 miles Average speed 5.25 knots


DSC02805 sundowners at Hila.jpg

Discussing the days events over a sundowner




Diary Entries