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Date: 23 Jul 2009 14:19:00
Title: Food, food, my kingdom for some food - Day 95

Food, food, my kingdom for some food - Day 95

Who would have thought that it would take this long and still 500 to go.  James phoned this morning to give an update on the current situation.  He reported good rowing conditions during the day when they could see the water around them, less favourable at night when it's more by feel particularly on the steering.  Some lucky boats apparently have GPS guided automatic steering!  Food remains the big issue and the boys are definitely feeling the effects of a calorie reduced diet now with some weariness setting in particularly at night.  James described the rowing regime that they had formulated last night to make best use of the daytime conditions allowing them to rest up more at night.  As we have come to expect from them now it once again sounded like a sensible, mature and effective plan.  Perhaps they should be encouraged on their return to apply these new-found thinking skills to the running of the country, all other political parties watch this space.  They are still on course if the current weather conditions hold to finish before the food runs out, but when exactly this will be is anybody's guess. 
As always, laughter in the background, sounded as though it was just a little training row down the Thames.  Amazing!!
Keep the messages coming, especially to the sat phone.
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